Business Tourism sector's managers Attitudes Towards Green Marketing in Egypt

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This paper is designed to examine the concept of tourism green marketing and measure the Egyptian tourism managers attitudes towards the green marketing strategies and policies . The main findings of this paper could summarized as following : (1) tourism green marketing does not refer only to the promotion or advertising of products or services with environmental characteristics ,it incorporates a broad range of activities which include product modification , changes to the process of formulating tourism products and services ,as well as modifying tourism marketing strategies and policies .It focuses on global requirements rather than those of each local community ,(2)adopting green marketing strategies and policies give tourism business enterprise compared to who does not take green marketing activities into consideration ,(3) consumers are not committed to reserve the environmental and heritage resources and lay too much responsibility on companies and governments , so , legislations and regulation are very important to protect the tourism environment ,(4) it is necessary to promote an awareness and understanding among key stakeholders (e.g. citizen ,developers) of the critical link between any tourism development effort and sustaining the environment ,and(5) Tourism business enterprises' managers in Egypt understanding the concept of green tourism as taking the environmental dimensions when designing and implementing the tourism marketing strategies and policies .this will help tourism business sector enterprises to improve their operating performance and ensuring the quality o F tourism services in Egypt

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