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Hermopolis Magna in late antiquity, is one of the most distinguish cities in eastern empire because its papyri that lights many of its life aspects. Hermopolis papyri refer to number of hospitals in the city which were more than number of hospitals in Constantinople in the same time. This is the reason that makes us present this study. In this study we will show the hospitals of Hermopolis Magna that dates to 550 AD to the end of the 7th century AD. Early hospitals were charitable institutions. The needy came to hospitals to receive shelter, food, and medical care. Hospitals received their income from donations and rents which made by local landowners. In this study, we will explain the relationship between the hospitals of Hermopolis and the landowners of the city. According to Hermopolis papyri, there is by far the largest fiscal payment made by a charity in papyri. So that we will discuss the tax of hospitals of Hermopolis and was there a relation between the ratio of tax and the health services of these hospitals? Furthermore, were there a donations and rents for hospitals of Hermopolis? Finally, we will speak about the capacity of these hospitals and was the number of hospitals enough to provide care for the populations of the city in this time?

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Center of Papyrological Studies and Inscriptions - Ain Shams University، العدد 8th conference: Medicine and Pharmacy in Egypt and Near East, from the Ancient Times until the early Islamic Period.

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Hospitals in Byzantine period ,Hermopolis Magna in Byzantine ,Health care in Byzantine Egypt