Interleukin-28B Polymorphism is a Pharmacogenetic Predictor during Sofosbuvir Plus Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis C Egyptian Patients

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Background and aim: Interleukin-28B (IL-28B) polymorphism is a predictor of sustained virologic response (SVR), spontaneous clearance and personalizing therapy of hepatitis C virus (HCV). This study aimed to determine IL28B rs12979860 polymorphism among chronic hepatitis C (CHC) Egyptian patients as a step in personalized HCV therapy and pharmacogenomics. Methods: CHC Egyptian patients were received sofosbuvir (SOF) plus pegylated interferon (PEG-IFN) and ribavirin (RBV) for 12 weeks. A total of 82 HCV infected Egyptian patients and 27 healthy individuals were included in the present study. CHC Patients were classified as achieving SVR if plasma HCV-RNA was undetectable (group A) and non-responders if plasma HCV-RNA was detectable (group B). IL28B genotypes were analyzed and their associations with SVR were selected. Results: The end of treatment response (ETR) rate was 100%. However, SVR12 was 76.8% (group A) and 23.2% relapsed (group B). Among studied CHC patients, 50% were IL-28B TT, 40.2% CT, and 9.8% CC. while the percentage of their frequencies in the healthy people were 18.5%, 51.8%, and 29.6%, respectively. These results showed that the frequencies of TT genotypes were more prevalent in HCV patients. The genotype CC (n=8) achieved higher rates of SVR in group A (87.5%) than relapsed patients in group B (12.5%) and it had the least prevalence in group B compared with the frequencies of CT (21.2%) and TT (26.9%) genotypes. These results showed that CC genotype was associated with SVR. Conclusions: It can be concluded that the individuals with IL28B TT genotype are more susceptible to HCV infection in Egyptian patients and relapse. Moreover, IL-28B CC is useful for pretreatment prediction of the outcome of HCV treatment. Hence, IL28B polymorphism could be considered as a pharmacogenetic predictor in personalized HCV therapy and pharmacogenomics during SOF plus PEG-IFN and RBV therapy for CHC Egyptian patients.

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J Pharmacogenomics Pharmacoproteomics، العدد 8:1.

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Chronic hepatitis C; Sofosbuvir; Pegylated interferon; Ribavirin; Interleukin 28B; Personalizing therapy