Characterization of genetic diversity of Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cultivars collected from New Valley governorate (El-Kharga and Dakhleh) based on morphological variability and molecular markers

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The present work was designed to study the genetic back ground of three date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cultivars (Siwi, Tamr, Hegazi) and one unknown female (Faleg, has high quality and desirable traits) which were collected from New Valley Governorate (El-Kharga and Dakhleh). To achieve this purpose, morphological variability; RAPDs; SSRs and AFLPs technologies were applied. Moreover, through the obtained data, the genetic relationships between the cultivars were determined. Also, for each cultivar, different genomic markers were identified. In addition, some specific markers for certain cultivars were screened. These results indicated that each cultivar has its own genetic makeup at the level of coding sequences. Concerning the data of the three DNAmarkers, considerable genetic diversity for coding and non-coding sequences was indicated among the genomes. However, each technology exhibited different level of polymorphism and unique markers. This feature may be attributed to the limited number of AFLPs selective primers used in the present analyses; the amplification of different parts of the genomes or/and the reliability of each technique to react with Date palm genomes. SSRs were the most effective method for assessing the genetic diversity and the unique DNA-markers across the four Date palm genomes. The dendrograms of the three applied DNA techniques were partially different. Therefore, the data of RAPDs, SSRs and AFLPs analyses were combined to estimate the genetic relationships among the cultivars under study.

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Life Science Journal، العدد 11(11):879-889.

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Date palm; Genetic similarity; Molecular marker; Morphological analysis